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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, February 10, 2003

it's monday.

i'm at work and things are pretty slow. it was good to hear from colin. i'm also excited that more of us are posting pics on this here blog thing a' ma-jig. although, i would like to see more action shots. i'm thinking maybe a few wide angle shots of adolph kicking the sack, or killy, dressed like a peanut and dancing the lindy hop. dunno.

also, i'm still waiting for paul to send pics of some hot french women.

does anyone remember how paul and colin use to be considered the same person. you would never see one without seeing the other. in fact, they even shared names. people would call paul, colin, and colin, paul. that was a long time ago. now paul is in france and colin is in portland. crazy how things change.

we have all changed so much. the cool thing is that with modern technology we all can still keep in touch. even though we might be seperated my so many miles, streched across as many timezones. still, we can share in each others lives. i feel lucky to have so many friends that i can love and be loved by. (i'm talking about you todd, you little red fire monkey)

everyday i get online i look forward to sharing in new ideas and photos with my friends (even adolphs nerd stuff that i can't understand). and, should mankind see fit to blow itself up in a world wide war for oil i am certain that i'll have time to get off one last email or blog to let you guys know i was thinking of you till the very end. oh, that reminds me, i need to go buy my 'end of the world' bag!


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