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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, March 13, 2003


if you sincerely want to support this administration then you must do the following;

first, you must remain as ignorant of world events as possible. i suggest reading or watching fox news.

second, if you wish to make a statement in favor of our country or our war on drugs, terror, oil, freedom, ect., make sure you are speaking to a cop, exxon/mobile CEO, the F.B.I, or a fellow republican. (this seems to work for bush.)

third, if you know of anyone who does not support any of the wars that we as americans have the right to fight, label them as a terrorist and kill them with a bomb.

paul, always remember, just because we expect that other countries follow U.N. resolutions, or face being invaded, does not mean that we have to.

oh, i almost forgot, make sure you live every day of your life in fear of those different from you, especially the darkies.

this should be your daily mantra,"better them than us."

oil is king!
long live the king!



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