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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, March 17, 2003

ya know adolph, i did some research and you know what, he didn't have missiles, you're right!

i think we should update the art of war so it fits in more with this modern war.

Sun Tzu revised,

"Thus, the best policy for the military operations is to gain victory by attacking first with the full might of your army, crushing anyone in your path, and let god sort them out (this should be done in the name of peace). Next best policy is to disintegrate the enemy's alliances by calling them all 'evil'; the inferior way is to reach a peaceful solution by means of diplomacy; the worst way is to try and use any kind of strategy other than total fucking war."

now this is a Sun Tzu that we as americans can love and respect.

i can almost hear the cries of the iraqi children as they watch all of hell unleashed upon them. can you hear it adolph? isn't it music to your patriotic ears?

god bless all of our missiles. may they liberate all of mankind. amen.



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