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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Back Home!
Hey Guys, I'm back and looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule. Hmmm, I guess it is five and I haven't left the office yet, so I've got to remember that I am back to working regular hours....

The final bit of craziness to the weekend was arriving at my house and the key doesn't work. Meagan had locked the deadbolt too and came to the door all sleepyheaded and glam-hair. It was good to catch up for a bit and the next morning we met Amber down at Kraftsmen bakery. Wished I didn't have to head into the office today as it was so nice; so nice it was criminal to return to my little computer cave. Amber said she gave Meagan a ride down to the Cullen sculpture garden after brunch (I had to race off to the office), so at least someone didn't waste the day indoors.

I would appreciate MEJ's postal address so I could drop her a handwritten note soon.

Speaking of the cave, today was the first day that I'm not even bothering to open up the PB. I've just woken it up by plugging in the monitor and keyboard and mouse. Such a sweet computer (knock, knock on the wooden desk). I wonder if I got a high speed line at home if Apple Remote Desktop or something would allow me full enough use of the PB so I wouldn't even bring it to the office. VNC is definately too sluggish for any real use, even on full 100BaseT.


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