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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

the lights are here! they showed up this morning; much faster than i had anticipated. now, i'm just waiting for the light meter and the grid set. i'll (hopefully) be able to spend a good amount of time at the studio playing around with this stuff on saturday.

i've got contact sheets to do tonight. then, she's shooting again on saturday. more film; who knows how many rolls: 20? 30? the more the better, as far as i'm concerned; although i may have to sacrafice a sunday to do it all.

speaking of the weekend, what's everyone up to this easter? i don't carol and i are going to the valley this weekend. carol's mom will be coming into town NEXT weekend. luckily, she'll be staying with maru rather than at our already crowded place. we've been invited to a relative's house down near pearland on easter sunday; i figure we may hang out there since most of my family will be there.

easter egg hunt anyone?


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