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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Wow.... how long has it been ?

Some say years other say it has felt like decades...... Well...whatever you think just know that Dan Bettinger is alive and well in Austin....but sometimes too busy to blog.....perhaps not as busy as adolph and the last push to get the ms 150 off without a hitch. I'd like to see those pix sometime.

Between the live concerts....girlfriends....art openings..... running 6 miles a day.....reading....and full contact origami I've managed to fit in a 5 year stint sucking the corporate cock at one dell.com where I'm currently a technical sales rep ....in short I consultant with companies about their server needs.

But enough about that....

if you ever get a chance check out to learn all about the scary shit that is going down.

I'm tired and delerious and look forward to communicating this way as well as heading out to houston to see y'all some time.



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