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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

oh yeah! another thing i forgot to mention was that todd and diana, as of yesterday, were in Laramie, Wyoming. They've made pretty good time after having to drive to Tulsa and Amarillo first to say goodbye to family. They've been staying at Holiday Inn's all along the way, are seem to be pretty pleased with them.

Todd has not, however, been pleased with the snow that is still on the ground in certain parts of Wyoming. Last night, he had to smoke his cigarette in the cold. He was not happy, but he called me anyway. What a friend. It was near thirty degrees that night, but like any good Texan, he wore his shorts anyway because, Damnit, it's supposed to be warm!

i wonder where Todd will be watching the season finale for 24 this evening?


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