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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

G4 iBooks?

That plastic is going to get hothothot, however, a slot-loading drive and other improvements are going to make it a real contender to the PB G4 12". I think the only difference, other than the case, is going to be the PB G4 12"'s more extensive video capability. Seeing a PB G4 12" run a 23" Cinema Display at the Apple Store the other day was pretty compelling. Additionally, Bluetooth is a build-to-order option rather than built-in.

If you have an older Powerbook G4, sell if you are thinking about it, because the value is fixing to fall through the floor. The only things the older titanium PowerBooks have over the iBook G4 are weight, screen-size, PCMCIA card slot, larger potential RAM capacity, and spanning video capacity. All of these are good advantages for the right consumer, but most older titanium PowerBooks are slower, have slower motherboards, have smaller hard drives, etc.


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