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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, November 10, 2003

accidents wiiiilll happen

Last night after a marvelous day spent with Elizabeth, she is so busy rarely do we get to spend whole days together; we were going to go to Mark's house for dinner watch a movie, and drink some wine.
We usually bring Bodi, our dog, along to play with Mark's dog Milo. We both walked around the back of the car to load the pooch, Liz opened the back hatch, and I realized that my matte board, and matte cutter were laying down in the back.
It all happened so quickly.
Bodi usually takes a running start and leaps into the back, He loves car rides.
I realized that if he jumped in my nice museum board matte boards would be ruined by his weight creasing them.
"no,no,no,no!!!" I rushed forward to halt the Bodi.
With cat like reflexes Liz slammed the back hatch.
We are thinking that because she just got back from working out at the gym she was a little more pumped up than usual.
Well as I came forward and the hatch came down....it came down on MY FACE.
I was thrown to the ground......sprawled out flat.
I recovered pretty quickly/
Liz found my glasses which were violently knocked off my face.
My glasses were fine and at first inspection (my own using my hands) my head seemed to be fine.
Liz was a little shocked and I declared "I am all right, no blood." A little shaken myself.
Liz voiced her disagreement. She demanded that stay still while she got a towel.
So I felt my nose and felt the blood, coming out the TOP of my nose, not the bottom where it is supposed to.
I jumped up and ran to the bathroom ignoring her orders and saw the enormous tear running across the bridge of my nose. You could open and close the wound by pressing up along the bridge of my nose.
I declared that stitches were in order and ran back to the car where liz met me with cotton balls and a towel.
We arrived at St. David's emergency room. Signed in and waited for 2 hrs before the physician attended my nose.
Dr. Szkrybalo at first was a little tense, he was having a rough night, nobody was happy and were dissatisfied with the E.R.'s service.
Liz began telling him that next semester she would be doing a clinical in this very E.R. because she is a U.T. nursing student and things began to ease up.
While he quilted my face I asked how long he had been practicing.
13 yrs as a E.R. doctor.
He started as an Army doctor.
The worst thing he had ever seen has a shark attack while he was stationed in Somalia, Mogadishu.
The shark took the hip and leg off a twenty year old soldier swimming in the ocean when he wasnt supposed too.
He died.
Six stitches later I was done.
Over 500 dollars of damage for my uninsured ass.
Made it home a little before midnight after we stopped by Mark's to pick up a valume to help me sleep.
Today I feel fine with little or no pain.
The stitches come out in five days and I will post another picture of what that looks like.


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