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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Flash Gallery, First Impressions, Computer Questions

Flash Gallery

Because I needed to brush up on my ActionScript but mostly because I have zero social life I re-worked my online Flash gallery. To maximize how tedious the whole project would be I decided to do everything programatically and not draw anything on the stage...

It was a total pain in the arse but I think it turned out well...

Both the flash gallery and the html version are fed data from the same xml document- which makes updating them both super easiy!

Now if I only had some new paintings to add...

First Impressions

I would like to applaud Adolph for not calling this post "First Impressions". Such a resistance to wordplay is admirable.

Also, I think that everybody should follow Adolph's lead and think about how their data-backup processs/practices. My brother suffered a disaster yesterday when his harddrive failed while he was in the process of transferring files to an image to make a DVD backup.

He lost 4 years worth of music! And I don't mean mp3s ... I mean his own creative work...

Re:Computer Questions

Amber, I would follow Adolph's excellent advice and register the domain name as soon as possible. I would forgo, however, the trip to the Apple store in search of software/advice. Rather, I think you should consult with Todd about getting a great looking, updateable web gallery up and running. He is a professional and can provide you with all the services and/or advice you might need!


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