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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, November 10, 2003

re: Panther `Bug' And Uploading Big Blog Unfriendly Images

Do you ever want to share some fotos on the blog, but lack the time, patience, software, know how, energy, computer, desire or opposable thumbs necessary to resize your images so that they are of a blog friendly file size and dimension?

Well if you answered "yes" then I have the solution for you!

Thats right, the Amazing Uploader Thing now features a Thumbnail Generator. Now you can upload all those high res jpegs of that something that you saw that one time!


This offer of enjoyment is not valid in the states of Nebraska, Wyoming or Florida. The creator of the Amazing Uploader Thing drank too much coffee. Women in their fourth trimester should avoid using the Amazing Image Uploader. Also the Amazing Uploader Thing won't work with GIFs or TIFF's or any other image format ending in F whether it be capitalized or not.

Also Killy, I have experienced the problem that you described on several computers running Jaguar (the blue-mac, dave's box, my ibook and the pink-mac) so I don't think it is a Panther specific bug. It is really, really annoying when it happens.


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