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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Sunday: Fresh Breath

Fresh Breath! even in the morning...at least, comparatively.

Most of the sores have subsided. The bites i had been giving the right side of my mouth are still a little sensitive as is the empty hole left by my wisdom tooth.

We woke up and went to house of pies. I had a plate of bacon and eggs with eggbeaters rather than eggs and left most of the bacon. The hash browns were buttery and good and had just the right amount of 'crisp' (something the avalon diner just can't get right.)

Came home and processed the four rolls of black and white film i have accumulated here at the house. adolfo iv slept peacefully and carol read The DaVinci Code, which, by the way, carol is flying through. She loves it. We went to Borders after breakfast so she could look at some DaVinci paintings up close.

Processing film is a relatively simple process here at my mother's house. The fridge has a 'chilled water' outlet in it. At this time of year, the water comes out at EXACTLY 68�

Believe it.

Two 120 rolls of junk and two 35mm rolls of a day i spent at the beach with adolfo iv, adolph and amber, and another of....i don't remember. i'll scan some and get back with you...


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