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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Talking to the Dr.

I went to see my favorite radiologist first thing this morning. The wound on my nose is superficial, according to him. If it was fractured it would be blue, and even if the bony part of my nose had a hairline fracture, nothing could REALLY be done. "Why submit yourself to the radiation?" he asked.

He prescribed a band-aid across the nose if my glasses were making me uncomfortable.

Then, he proceeded to tell me about his trip back home: Tehran, Iran. He had gone to attend several conferences at the hospitals in his home country. He had requested that i reprint some older conference posters so he could take and share, but he got so busy he never came to pick them up.

He was surprised to see a plethora of other American doctors there. He talked with them to discover that they were very suprised. "About what?" he asked them.

"The country is so advanced," they responded.

"They thought Iran was a desert Lebanon-type country with everyone sitting on camels and drinking its milk," he laughed. And he talked about the various conferences he attended and how beautiful his home country was.


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