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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Mary Jane & Ted Leo


1 banana
1 egg beater egg
1 wheat toast
12 oz apple juice

I got to mary janes at about 8:15. I tried to stop by my old place to see if eric was around, but he was teaching. It was like travelling to another life seeing the old place; passing by taggart's old place; knowing that todd & little 'D' used to live just on the other side of cecil's...sigh.

They didn't let us in for about half an hour. A handful of us waited outside.

Two bands were up before ted leo: spame an orange and the joggers (from portland). I wondered if Colin knew about this band.

Orange had a Ben Folds flavor. I say that cause a piano was the lead instrument. Played maybe 6 or 7 songs. Eric called right as they were finishing up. He decided to join me once he got back into town from his teaching gig in league city.

The joggers were allright. It was loud and mary janes was small. Eric showed up about halfway through their set.

Ted Leo started off his set solo. He belted out a tune i hadn't heard before. The band joined him and played Where have all the rude boys gone? Most of the tunes were off of Hearts of Oak. He played one tune off the first album i had heard of his (don't know the name of it.)

I was able to take a bunch of video! Here is one of his final tunes; something i hadn't heard before. It's a little big, but i think we've all got fast lines.


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