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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Hi from Boston

Hi to all the blog-o-mite sandwiches in the audience. I have finished the interviews here at the reebok facility. Who knows if they are gonna offer me something. They all loved my work, or at least said they did, introduced me to more people the I was scheduled to meet, met with the people that i would most likely be working with, I think they all liked me alright. I don't know, it's quite possible that I come across as a pompous asshole, you all know me. So I am typing here at this corporate hotel with alot of suits, out in the middle of no where, not in boston but some little town outside of it...........tired. I think I'll go sit in the sauna.


OH, Killy, I love the line about wrinkled black football players.


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