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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, January 03, 2004


Hi to the folks out there in bloggerland.

Once again the troop of mine will sweep like migrating geese, with much honking and flapping, onto the home of my parents in San Antonio. On the 11th day of this month I have informed my father that some of my friends might come by for some visiting and merry making.

If one such as yourself, that being the one in possesion of the eyes that are reading, would like to come and admire my offspring and clasp hands in much shaking and a bit of laughing and comparing of gut sizes and amount of hair and the like. Feel free to inquire of me directions to the house of my Parents. Paul of Mercado and the Duke and Duchess of Chavez have said in one form or another that they are to be expected. A of Dolph, you are welcome. Tag of Gurt are as well. Todd of the Red and hard working, I shall expect, if you are not working, to see you.

Blagh blagh blaghgity blagh. so forth and so on.

contact me directly for directions.



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