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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

The sabattical

1.7.04 - The last day of a seemingly long vacation (10:40 p.m.)

The grand total time away from my little family was three and a half days; i missed them terribly. The first few hours were nice, but once i got to todd's house and lay my small frame in between the sheets of the king sized guest-room bed, i was aching for their fragrant bodies next to mine.

It was after a nice salad dinner, a couple of beers, and some conversation that we ended up back at todd's house. We got high and played a few rounds of ghost recon. Maybe it was the drugs, but the game seemed much harder.

I had troubled sleep. Aside from my absent family I had an overactive dream; not the kind that leave you with details, but the kind that leaves you with a bad taste in your brain, as if you've just had a taco full of cow brains.

I made todd some creamy oatmeal and coffee (well, actually, todd brewed the coffee.). We ended up meeting taggart and liz at El Sol... before heading to san marcos where i would be left at Carl's place for the remainder of my stay in central texas.

The first day was mostly settling in. We pulled into carl's around 1. We met carl's roommate, david; todd and carl had a brief talk about working on a new website. todd left soon afterward and i settled into the studio, where i would be sleeping. I unpacked myself and looked outside: cloudy. Really cloudy. The kinda cloudy that would rain on you the second you settled yourself outside.

After i had copied over some Imacon tutorials that carl insist i watch before using the scanner, i pulled out my book and went for a walk around 'the grounds'. The light was flat, grey and uninspiring. I read and walked at the same time. I walked along his fence. I found a poorly lit shot, but figured that i had to shoot something. I pulled out my camera and shot -- slowly and deliberately.

I got maybe half a roll.

more to come...


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