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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The 2nd Day & a quick poster comment

Today, he knew. He knew that when his mother put him down she would leave so he kept her close. The first time she tried to put him down he clutched at her -- hard. So she waited a bit. Eventually she got him down, but he kept her close, showing her the chairs and some of the other kids. He clamored to be picked up again, so she picked him up. Then, Bernie (teacher #2) came in. Adolfo iv gives Bernie a kiss-kiss. Carol quickly transfers adolfo to her arms and says 'bye-bye!' His face explodes and contorts to what we call his 'poochie' face. Carol walks out the door and as she looks back through the windows of the classroom only to see his face red and wet with tears.

She called me right after she left. She wasn't crying this time, just a little sad.

I would think that posters like this still exist, but the majority of us don't visit too many free clinics anymore, which is where (i think) a lot of these sorts of posters are hung.


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