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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Morning Notes

I'm working hard filling up the new 160 gig hard drive to make sure it doesn't have any bad spots, unlike the last one. It is hard to fill up that much space!
Nader, one the one hand it is cynical to say, "Nader, don't run because you will gurantee the the current president is the next president," on the other hand you have to wonder if Nader doesn't like being the opposition so much that he would like to see the ruin of us all so he can keep on saying "I've been telling you so!" I was thinking about this last week and wondering, "did the Greens have a vote at some point to select Nader as their presidential candidate?" Was it just decided in some smoke filled room? (You know the kind of smoke.) Is Nader ver.2 (Now without bothering with this Green Party stuff) just a Lyndon La Rouche perennial candidate without a hope, just there to get 15 minutes every 4 years? Whatever happened too all that "building the Green Party" stuff that had to do with electing local Green Party candidates? I haven't heard of Nader stopping by to stump for any around here.
In the larger picture, his candidacy can be seen as a criticism of main-line Democratic Party corporate corruption, I guess. But if most main-line Democratic candidates are now saying something about trade agreements that benefit corporations more than citizens, why wouldn't you get gung-ho and get a place at the table?
RFID coupled with GPS, wireless networking and an Amazon.com style search and find system would be the most fantastic thing for libraries and bookstores. Imagine a library where nothing was shelved in order, only the order in which it came in or was reshuffled. Maybe little bookshelf crawling robots to fetch far-away titles too. It would be like those research libraries where librarians fetch the stuff for you, you only have access to the card catalogue and wait at a study carol and turn in a little card with what you want and then they fetch it. I'm not certain if that would make for a quality retail experience though...


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