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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Working Mom

Baby was asleep this morning, slumbering and dreaming away the wee hours of the morn while Daddy showered and dressed and then Mommy following suit. Daddy makes coffee, baby still sleeps, pink pudgy lips drooping open towards the bed where he rests his fat cheek, he doesn't need a pillow. Mommy holds baby close, humming and singing his special baby song. Baby's fingers spread like wings and then curl like eyelashes to rest again on the warm bed. Otherwise he doesn't stir. In the kitchen, life bubbles in the coffee maker, Daddy zooms in and out with last minute gatherings. Lunch is already packed for the week, cooked up late last night by Mommy. Papas con Huevos and a serving of oatmeal for breakfast. Chicken, squash and rice for lunch, Sweet Rice Atole and diced fruit for desert. Baby still slumbers. Mommy quickly dresses, then softly changes baby's diaper, wet with last night's feedings. Quietly and carefully Mommy changes baby out of his PJs and into his jeans and soccer shirt. Socks and shoes follow.
Baby doesn't wake, he stretches a little, then drops off into dreamland once more.
Finally, in Daddy's arms and near the door, baby's eyes open slowly, first one, then the other, flutter into awakefulness. He smiles.
We open the door and baby looks out in to the still slumbering world.
The dew is still in the air.


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