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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Impotance of Being Jeezus.

The Passion Ends.
You are left with two thoughts in your head.
1. Wow that movie was violent..!!!!!
2. What am I supposed to think about this movie.
To expound on these thoughts.
1. Wow that Movie was violent...!!!
Unbelievable. First if this movie was accurate Jesus would have been dead long before they ever crucified him.
Second you are relieved when they do. Crucifixion seems like a holiday compared with the scourging.
2. What am I supposed to think about this movie.
This follows the premise that you are supposed to actually think at all.
Once the ultra-violence plays out you are pretty much left empty handed.
There is nothing to mull over or think about.
This isnt the Last Temptation. or a M. Night Shamalany movie.
He is resurrected and the movie is over.
That said the flip side is this.
The more you know the more you be able to percieve.
This is the movie adaptation of a book.
Actually it is the movie adaptation of the last chapter of a book.
No the second to last chapter of a book.
If you knew nothing of jesus this movie would make absolutley no sense.
No context.
Like flipping through channels on T.V. stopping on H.B.O. to watch the second to last episode of Sex in the City.
Then canceling your cable subscription then moving to an Amish community.
Two months later a tourist comes along and asks you.
"What do you think about Carrie Bradshaw?"

Saw it at the Alamo Drafthouse.
The chicken wings were awesome.
The Pizza was okay.
20 minutes into the movie the guilt overcame me and I stopped eating.


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