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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Hello to all the Blog-a-mites

Cough Cough...wheeze.....alot of dust on this thing on my end. Haven't used this tool for communication in a while. Not sure if it still works, well, we'll see.

Folks, after a grand life change, which so many of you were there to witness, my moving way out here and starting my family, I have scratched and scrounged for five years to make the ends meet for my crew. I have worked here and there, sometimes awash with enough and at others at the humbling back of the line at the unemployment dept. This whole time I have managed to never land a full time job with those mythical benefits and regular paycheck. I have gone, as stated before, from one industry to another trying to find a home that would take some of the pressure of providing off the forefront of my mind.

I have become quite proficcient at being a freelance designer/illustrator, But as of today, I will no longer, for a time, have to seek out the source of my income. I finally got a full time job. I will start on the 3rd of next month. Yes it is at Nike, the bohemoth of sport ego corporate culture.

For a time my family and I shall go to the doctor and dentist just for the hell of it. After not seeing the dentist since I left college I am afraid what he will say, something akin to, "Were you wanting to keep all thoses black rotting stumps, or should we discuss some plan of action."

Blagh, blagh blah....................Basically I wanted to share with ya'll the excitement that the girls and are are feeling at this new turn of events.

miss all of you

piss piss poop pee shit bang fuck.

love colin.


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