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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

The Last Couple of Weeks

carol, adolfo iv, and i have been to austin twice in two weekends. The first was to see Paul for his 30th birthday. Onion Rings and chocolate shakes at Hut's. Mmmmmm. We were also supposed to get some family pictures taken, but the timing was all wrong.

The next weekend, we went up for Meagan's Baby Shower. Luckily, she gave us her hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express saturday evening. Todd had dinner with us when we showed up at the Bennigan's next door. Then, we gave adolfo iv the some running around time before we piled in the car and headed to Barne's & Noble in the arboretum ... you only appreciate the accoustics in a place like that when you child throws two screaming fits.

Todd kept setting off alarms in all the stores we would go into, because he kept an inventory control device in his wallet. (I assume he just thought they looked really cool) We got stopped by the girl in B&N and was forced to prove we didn't have any unpaid books.

Once we dropped mom and boy off at the hotel we grabbed our things and headed to Mojo's for some (more) coffee and some 'peace'. It was nice to sit and chat with todd again....

Early Sunday Morning - We dash off to breakfast with Meagan and family at a 1st street mexican restaurant. Delicious huevos rancheros and coffee, and with meagan. it was great. carlene was so happy and adolfo iv behaved so well.

Taggart showed up and i split with him to assist him on a shoot. We showed up at what used to be the showpalace. Taggart got a hand me down job from Mark: shooting strip club furniture! We spent an hour and a half setting up lights and moving stuff around.

I met up with Paul and Todd at Flips and got a great Illustrator lesson from todd. We worked on the 'Cakery Bakery' logo for Rocio & Mikes start-up bakery in Lockport. I think we're making pretty good progress.

Once i got back, i was immersed yet again in our potential home. The insurance company underwriters came back with their decision: i am insurable! so i had to get them in touch with my lender so they could fax the proper documents over. One step closer.

The next things are: Get the utilities hooked up, or switched over to my name, rather; and choose a home warranty company i want to use. (The sellers are purchasing a home warranty plan for us for the first year.

I spent 1 hour last night trolling Home Depot for the items i'll be needing for the first week of home ownership: paint, dropcloths, brushes, cleaners, rake, shovel, wet/dry vacuum....


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