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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

road trippin'

thanks to all for the congrats on the proposal.

as far as rug monkeys go, i doubt we will wait five years; diana has a schedule to keep.

i am posting from kingman, az. on the handy holiday inn express computer available for guest use. it is in a poorly ventilated glass cubicle, and i feel like the 'geek' exhibit in natural history musuem. we are making good progress, having driven from
portland to stockton, ca. on day one, and making it to kingman on day two. 600 miles a day. i would make a crappy trucker. tomorrow we make amarillo, or wichita falls, and are shooting to be in houston on thursday evening.

killy : can we stay with you guys? if so, where the hell do you live?

i hope the kiddo is doing better, or was doing fine the whole time and the montessori nurse was misshapen.

more posts as computers are available.


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