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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Smelly but Alert?


Did you know that studies have shown that aluminum-based deodorants are linked with early onset of alzheimer's? Not that you have alzheimers, but hear me out ... just about every commercially available brand of deodorant has aluminum in it -- now we all know not to eat food that's been cooked in aluminum pots for this very reason -- but what about deodorant?

Since becoming prego, I've also discovered that I get a skin rash from using aluminum-based deodorants -- weird, that never happened before -- but now, my body is more sensitive to the bad stuff, I guess ...

Another interesting side effect of pregnancy? I don't get B.O. except when I exercise pretty strenuously -- so I don't have to wear deodorant anymore -- maybe once every few weeks and that's it ...

So what about for you non-pregnant types? They make these deodorant stones -- you can find them at any organic/granola/health store outlet --and they don't contain any aluminum -- pretty cool, huh? I suggest keeping the strong stuff for those times when you're really pumping out the 'ol sweat, but use the organic stuff the rest of the time ...

I actually have noticed a difference in my memory -- I have a much better attention span, remember things more easily, feel sharper all around -- so who knows, maybe it is the deo ..


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