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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

miracle gro ate my baby.

not really, but i must say that amber's post has caused me concern.

Also, to anyone new to gardening: Never, ever buy Miracle Gro or any of those other mysterious little blue powder fertilizers. Why? They have high salt content (which damages plants in high concentrations) and they don't feed the soil. Result? In a few years, your soil will be totally dead and devoid of life, including all the necessary earthworms, soil microbes, and beneficial organisms that make soil healthy, alive, and nutritious. Your plants will be fast food junkies hopelessly hooked on blue powders for sustenance because the soil provides no nutrition to them anymore.

does that go for container plants also? should i encourage earthworms to take up residence in my larger containers?

i must confess to having purchased a bottle of said tonic and have applied it sparingly to my plants. i don't want junkie plants! i want them to choose life!


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