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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

imac emac

well being a emac user I was a little disappointed that the emac looks like it is going to be discontinued.
Price/function wise the g5 imac is a real bargain.
My emac handles 100m files easily without problems, and files from digital cameras without hickups.
The new Imac has a lot more power than my emac and as far as upgrading a new imac
seems dreamy just because of the space I could save.
what seems funny to me is that in 20" terms you are getting a 1.8 ghz G5 for 600 dollars.
the 20 monitor alone sells for 1299 and the imac is only 1899......odd.


  • I think that Apple's tagline of "from the makers of the iPod" is pretty dead on. Basically, the iMac G5 really is last year's low-end professional CPU mated to a much less expensive motherboard and commodity component set. This is just like the iPod--take commodity parts, put them in a nice package with superior software.

    The Apple displays seem to me to be high margin devices aimed at people who have a need for a matching monitor. If Apple can sell beaucoups fancy monitors by putting a computer on the back, then they are doing well and doing much better than if they tried to sell $800 pizza-box G5's.

    This is similar to the iPod in that they could potentially sell an iPod without the hard drive; imagine a unit that you could connect to any old hard drive. (Wouldn't that be neat? You could connect one to a cheap old desktop drive for your home stereo.) However, they can mask a healthy profit margin by always having a core part that has a high value perception. This is so even when they sell their entire widget for less than the retail price of one of its parts.

    The eMac still holds a price niche that will keep it around for a while (I think). The difference between the base eMac and iMac G5 is $500. Since the current base eMac costs $799, that works out to be a 62% difference. I think that the iMac would be more compelling to a "basic/general usage" audience if it had more screen space, but the eMac has just slightly less then the iMac G5. Further, from a psychological perspective a whole computer beating the $1000 barrier is pretty compelling to a large audience.

    By Blogger Adolph, at 5:41 PM  

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