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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Couple of things...

First, I saw the VP Debate last night. I found it to be horribly dull. Maybe I was in a foul mood, but I thought both debaters came off like jack-asses. Too many distortions, too much campaign rhetoric. Blah.

Fortunately, after the debate I sped downtown to catch Gift Of Gab at the Parish (formerly the Mercury). Man, oh man! I had never seen a show at the Parish before, much less a hip hop show .... and let me tell you that despite my comfy shoes I was ill-prepared for the bounce-bounce and the boom-boom and the around-the-room sounds that rocked and rolled and absolutely shook the non-sense out of every object, heart and mind. Gift of Gab was fabuloso and I left that show feeling good.

To switch gears, it looks like TextMate (code editor for OS X) has finally been released. I first caught a glimpse of this product in the Ruby On Rails intro video and thought, what is that sweet editor they are using? I have not yet had a chance to really evaluate it yet, but there are a couple things I have noticed right off the bat, like tabbed windows, a green button that really does maximize the app (green button behaviour has always befuddled me), and code foldings, to name a few. Also, at 40 bucks its quite a bit cheaper than BBEdit.


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