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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, November 08, 2004

How Awfull!!!!

You and these people need to start a support group.


  • From cyclingnews.com:

    "Texas deer charges into riders
    Texas based Team Data Pro held an informal training ride last Sunday in the Hill Country near San Antonio, Texas, USA. Out of a brushy area a deer charged across a five foot high fence, and caught two riders in the middle of the group. Matt Seagrave from Austin and Pablo Sollenberger from McKinney were on the receiving end of the deer's fierce tackle. Weighing more than either rider, the deer hit Pablo on the right upper chest bringing him and Matt down. Pablo sustained a broken collarbone, bruises, and some lost skin, while Matt sustained some bruises, and a stiff neck. The deer was apparently unharmed, and barely slowed down."

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