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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


So Taggart, Paul, Todd and I played Halo last night, and it was really fun. I think that next time we should plug in the first version of Halo and play that a bit to see if the game-play is much different. Double-wielding weapons is definitely something that makes the attack/defend/counter equation more interesting. Close attack or defend? Shotgun and Plasma Grenades. Medium range stalking in relatively open spaces? Dual Needlers. Running attack in mid range? Dual Sub Machine Guns. Medium defend? Rocket Launcher. Long range precision stalking? Sniper rifle with shotgun as defense backup.

Paul did really well with the Covenant Energy Sword. It may be worthwhile to use that as the close combat weapon with the Assault Rifle as the longer range weapon.

Some maps get dominated by certain weapons, like how Beaver Creek is ruled by dual Needlers. Since is it a middle to close range encounter map with not too much cover, the two Needlers firing simultaneously can fry someone quick. One of the additional benefits is that even if someone kills you in a game of Juggernaut, then the Needler rounds you fired will likely kill them after you die, leaving you as the Juggernaut again--sweet!


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