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Friday, January 21, 2005

iPod made new again ...

I had been reluctant to post about this because i was scared that i had broken it somehow. maybe i am too heavy handed sometimes with my ipod? About a week ago, the ipod froze while i was listening to it while i was reading a book. It just stopped. I tried not to react, a la Adolph, hoping that my nonchalance would somehow make the ipod believe that there really wasn't a problem at all and it should just start working again to bring the universe back into balance. So i left the silent earbuds in my ears as i continued reading. Maybe half and hour later (i had actually forgotten that i still had the earbuds in my ears) the ipod was still dead and the screen was frozen. The buttons didin't respond – not even a click-y sound.

I just put in my backback and hoped that once i juiced it up it would return back to normal. I left the ipod on the charger overnight. When i came back to it the next day, the clickwheel and buttons were responding once again. Confident that the charge had done it, i chose a song. It froze again. No song. No sound.

I was scared.

I avoided the ipod for a few days. I came back to it yesterday. Over the days i thought about all the music i had on there (most of it is backed up to a data DVD)I plugged it into the powebook to see if i could hear the songs from there. I could. I could even copy, delete and access data from it. I figured at this point that maybe there was some problem with the touchpad.

I went to the apple store today and asked about how much it would cost to get an ipod repaired. I was lucky to get the guy i did, he asked me what was wrong and suggested that i try to reset the ipod by holding down the two middle buttons (menu and play/pause) at the same time for about six seconds.

As soon as i got home I did exactly what he said, and VOILA! MY IPOD CAME BACK TO LIFE.

thanks, apple guy!

Hope this helps someone else at some point.


  • i'm glad you fixed the ipod
    isn't it strange how much we rely on it
    we never would have thought about it before
    now we can't leave the house without it

    By Blogger CarolinaDivina, at 3:55 PM  

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