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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Safari is to KHTML as iWork is to . . .

I'm looking forward to 11AM CST on the 11th. The hardware is always cool to think about, but the stuff that keeps my old mac running is the improved software Apple keeps putting out.

It will be doubly interesting to see what iWork is because of Apple's approach towards free and open source software. Will iWork be a slick version one like Keynote, an acquisition like Final Cut, or something that draws on an open source base, like Safari did. I could see them buying a stong and venable word processing environment like Nisus Writer or making a front end to OpenOffice that rocks.

I wonder if Apple has an official leak office within their PR department as the leaks are not stealing anyone's thunder but are perking people's interest.

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  • Think Secret's and Apple Insider's posts revealed the name "Pages" as well. This has led to speculation of a page layout program combined with it's own word processor. This application could include other types of content on it's pages similarly to Ragtime. This would work well with a designed suite of software which could be free, or purchased separately. I can see the spreadsheet content software as a separate purchase, as is Keynote. Other content would be supplied by some of the other free software from Apple. This way Apple abandons the old codebase of AppleWorks without bringing out a direct competitor to Office. Mac switchers could purchase Filemaker or a new light spreadsheet version of it if they needed to work with Excell content. I believe iWork will be the integrator software for these elements. It will be entirely original Apple code, which is why it took so long to create.

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