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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Another bus ride home ...

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It occured to me today as i was standing on the light rail platform at Dryden and Fannin that the world is very very loud, particularly right where i was standing.

With two buds in my ears blaring the Strokes, i could hardly make them out. It wasn't as if there were ambulances or screaming children right next to me either. No, just passing vehicles, the occasional '...llagara el tren en un minuto' (100 decibles - the loudspeakers are impossible to get away from, by the way), the mutter of other commuters...

i put away the ipod and just stood there. even reading was out of the question. all i could do was stand there and take it and that was most frustrating of all. All in all, i hate commuting in this manner for this reason alone.


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