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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Random applications have been crashing periodically on my computer (Safari, Textmate, Mail.app, etc). This prompted me to run the diagnostics (check permissions, check disk, etc) that uncovered the minor hard-drive problem that I posted about yesterday.

This hard-drive problem does not really explain the frequent crashes, however, so I decided to see if my RAM was ok. I found a pretty sweet utility called memtest that runs some tests against available memory. Sure enough it found all sorts of problems with my RAM. I pulled the 1 gig card that I had put in a couple of months ago and ran the tests again. The tests found no problems with the built-in 256.

Perhaps the problem is occurring because the built-in RAM speed is 266mhz and the chip is 333mhz? This seems unlikely because before putting in the gig chip I had a 512 333mhz chip that ran just fine (and runs, I assume, sin problemas in Todd's ibook).

Did I get a bum chip?

Did the bad memory somehow corrupt my hard-drive?


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