Sunday, March 26, 2006


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Yesterday morning I went over to Killy and Carol's house, where they showed me everything they are growing. It was a beautiful day, and, despite the sunburn on my right arm, one that I will think back on fondly.

The butterfly was an integral part of the day's activities. It's not often that you get to spend a few minutes with a butterfly, but this one was especially attracted to their beautiful lemon tree. I love how in this picture it appears to be flying happily straight for Killy's open arms.


killy said...

i might also encourage everyone to check out the other pics that sara got of that absolutely beautiful butterfly. there is one dazzling close-up where you can clearly see its proboscis as well as the colorful and intricate pattern on it's wings. this was prolly the most exotic butterfuly i had seen short of those in the HMNS Butterfly exhibit.

oh, and sara, the pleasure was all ours.

CarolinaDivina said...

thank you sara for making saturday a magical and wonderful day
adolfo remembers you and blushes
he is a flirt