Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Google calendar

What am I doing wrong? I add an event, then want to edit it and the save button just doesn't work. The cancel button works fine, but I can't save any changes. Anyone?

Also, Katamari Damacy is only the best game ever in the whole wide world.


Adolph said...

Do you have a PS2, Sara? That game has been on my mind ever since it was described to us by a game developer on the way back from Quebec. Figuring out how to acquire a PS2 has been on my mind ever since.
Also, Panic software sells Katamari t-shirts.

Sara C. said...

Yeah, Brian bought a used PS2 a couple of weeks ago. He's already played through two games and I just finished Katamari. It really is the best game.

Amber M said...

Are you trying to use Google calendar in Safari? It works much better in Firefox. I'm sure someone else here can tell use why google didn't choose safari.