Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Things Taggart is listening too......

1. John Fahey-The Best of John Jahey.

This seems to be what I have been trying to get to for a long long time.
What I Love about music. What kind of music Taggart likes all boiled down
some sort of Folky Reduction Sauce.

2. Gomez-How We Operate

I like Gomez. I like how they have two singers and a assemble that can play any and every instrument, including the saw.
I love how they have two singers that hold there own and that they sound incredible live. They even named a whole album
"Abandoned Trolley Hotline" and had a great line drawing of a upturned shopping basket.

3. The Roadcase Broadcast of Jeff Tweedy's solo performance in Chicago.

I am going to be sad when this disappears. Really Sad. Depressed Even.
You can listen too. Just go to WilcoWolrd.net, hang a right at the Roadcase Link at
the Bottom and Voila. I am listening to it right now even though it's 6 past midnight and
I gotta wake up soon even though I havnt gone to bed. It's just to good.


CarolinaDivina said...

i would really love your recommendation for child friendly music from your collection (think Octopus Garden by the beatles, or Bike by Pink Floyd) - i am always looking for music for adolfo - if you didn't know this, he REALLY loves music and sing song rhymes - he can hum the theme song to every movie he's ever watched - lemme know what you think of - better yet - make me a CD

Anonymous said...

I don't think Adolfo would dig John Fahey.


colin said...

They might be giants put out fun kid music