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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Why is life so cruel?

I just got back from watching the U.S. lose 3-nil to the Czech Republic. What a horrible game. I have seen every game so far (except for Japan-Australia and Netherlands-Serbia) and the performance of the U.S squad was by far the worst yet.

The only thing worse than watching the U.S lose so badly was having to hear Ex-Marlins announcer O’brien and Marcelo Balboa rattle off meaningless, distracting factoids, straight-up whining, and shallow “analysis”.

So far ESPN2 coverage has been miserable. It is much more fun to watch Univision. Even if you don’t understand the rapid spanish, at least you can tell that they are calling play-by-play action with rising and falling emotion; also, they do sensible things like SHOW THE STARTING LINEUP BEFORE THE GAME STARTS, instead of Verizon commercials…

I am very disappointed. But who knows how things will end up. Maybe Ghana and Italy will tie this afternoon. Maybe Onyewu and Pope will get their shit together. Maybe the U.S midfield will stop playing Zilker park style and start serving the forwards, etc.


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