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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

World Cup Alternatives

Check out these two international soccer tournaments:

The Homeless World Cup

Wild Cup

I think Texas should field a Wild Cup team. It is a state that retains certain trappings of nationhood. And Texas has no seat in the U.N., so it should qualify on technical grounds. And who knew The Vatican had a national soccer team.

When I lived in NYC I was headed out to the burbs one weekend with friends and friends-of-friends and learned that one of the girls in the car had coached the U.S. homeless soccer team. Needless to say, it dominated the conversation. The year she coached they played the tournament in Austria (if memory serves). She said that getting passports was tough for some of the players, but some of the players not only had passports, but had traveled to Austria previously. She also said that keeping track of the players once in Austria was an issue since they wanted to spend their time hanging out in parks and actually sleeping in them instead of in the hotels that had been booked.


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