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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hide the syrup, Mabel ...

I know it's no fun to think about people falling out of a skyful of flaming wreckage and I know its way too laborious for us to muse too long on the tangled mess created by 100 years of Western domination of Middle Eastern political institutions, economies, and natural resources ... Quick! Someone distract me before my mind wanders too far astray!

Aaaahhh ... MSNBC to the rescue: Interesting items being discarded

Travelers at the Burlington International Airport in Vermont were forced to discard souvenir jugs of maple syrup. In New Orleans, half-used bottles of hot sauce lay in garbage bins. “We are seeing a lot of interesting items being discarded,” said Michael McCarron, a spokesman at the San Francisco airport. “Chanel No. 5, gallons and gallons of water, and some very fine Napa Valley wine.”

I'm not sure I understand what's going on here: Is it a ruse for government employee flunkies to get their hands on wines and perfumes they could otherwise never afford? (Next they'll foil a plot to blow up a plane with a Rolex!) Or is our government making a bold bold move to close the strategic "mini-shampoo bottle gap" with our potential global adversaries? (I hear the Koreans have been stockpiling shampoo since the early 70s.)


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