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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

i am never sick
or actually
i am very rarely sick with anything more than an itchy eye
but now i am down for the count
and i am out
chicago does this to me
i'm sorry
i hope i don't make you sick
i think it's more the dry air than anything else
backing up my usual fluid head
into a solid hunk of congealed muccus
i can picture it there
it's probably no bigger than a walnut
but it's stuck up there
in my little muccus cavity
nowhere to go
and doesn't want to get out anyway
sticky and doughlike
kind of like cookie dough

but i really don't know
maybe it's this headache
never had one so big
at least that i can remember

can't wait to come home
my husband will take care of me
and thankfully
the baby looks fine

it's just mommy this time


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