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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Last night i couldn't sleep. I kept staring at adolfo iv and his mother. i got up and watched some bad tv. i ended up drinking a 'dose' of nyquil to finally knock me out. i lay in bed staring at adolfo iv, and then i coughed. he startled awake and cried. his diaper was heavy with pee. i changed him quickly and he turned to carol to eat.

Earlier in the day, i took on the second mission on ghost recon. it was the ethiopian factory that paul, dave, chuck, and i had so much trouble with the first time we played. i didn't finish the battle, but i did make my way into the factory and destroy the bomb squad. then, thinking i had the entire place secure, i moved too quickly and was chopped up. it was ugly...no screenshots.


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