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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, January 17, 2003

yeah, todd. i knew you would hate it; although, i wasn't so sure that you would want to abandon the andale mono font you had become fond of. people change, i guess. appreciate the link to halcyon lounge, but i would to really like to see some photos taken with YOUR camera todd. speaking of, i'll post the 'house of pies' photos so everyone can see how creative you,diana, and i are after we've had a good breakfast.

yeah, it's cold here too. even eleo put her heater on. i've got 17 rolls of film to process tonight. might not be around till around 10 or so. i'm going to pick up some supplies, process & contact, then coming home.

todd: if you are coming into town let me know when.
adolph: what are your plans?

tag is in town too, but only till sunday? or is it sat night? don't remember. we had dinner last night at niko's with adolfo iv. he was cuter than ever when he spilled liz's lemonade all over the table. his reach is long.


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