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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Hello to everyone,

I have been absent from most of the communications that go on. Since most of it involves "Lets get together and sit around and do all sorts of stuff that sounds like fun." and I get somewhat tired of the sentence "gee I wish my fam and I could come down to play as well."

Shit is weird in the big world, as you grow each day things are colored just a bit more. Experiences, good and bad, allow you to know just how unpredictable all of this is that surrounds us. It is both exhilirating and devastating. Fogive all spelling errors.

I have been involved in possible legal battles over the usage rights to images that I have created. I have lost a job and struggle like mad to find another. I have been all over the town with my new portfolio, had excellent response, had the head of Nike graphic recruitment call me from New York to schedule a meeting. It went excellent, but alas there are no jobs at the moment. I have started a sketchbook that is devoted entirely to the hand. After this many years of drawing I need to finally gain at least cursory knowledge of this part of the human expression. Enough about me.

Laura is still painting like crazy. Her paintings are something quite remarkable. I feel very fortunate to spend my time with an artist that I have so much to learn from. Her paintings have the ability to have so much within them and hold on to this simplicity. To stand in front of it is to allow a story of great complexity and craft to unfold. She has two show next year. She is also homeschooling Hannah and raising up chella.

Hannah is growing quite into a young lady. She is five feet tall and as smart and witty as any grown person could hope to be. It is hard for me to remember sometimes that she is still a child, ten years of age. Her expression has been cultivated ever so carefully by her mother. Hannah has a voice that is strong and her own.
She has been fencing for two years now. Her teacher is a classical french fencing master. He gained the rank of master at the age of 17. he is now 77. to wathch him work is something quite rare. The opportunity that Hannah has with him is one of the cheif reasons we have not moved form this part of the country.

Chella is truly a flower. As I am sure you all are versed with little killy, the child is something that is in us all. You have but to be around one and there, deep inside you, you can feel the aquaintence with innocence. She is growing quickly and is truly a gem. Often I would like to eat her. place her in a pie shell and eat her up. Such a strange sensation, but there it is.

I still respond to emails,

I still miss each and everyone of you,

I still put on a Dave Mattews record and list in my stance for the embrace of times past amungst friends and a river.

I still write turdy messages to my friends on blog. trog. smog. a-gog.

colin flynn esq.


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