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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, February 21, 2003

ibook woes:

I am unable to do a clean install cause i dont got my install disks

nor do i have my external monitor cable (are those things standard or specific to macs/ibooks?)

i am pretty sure it is an lcd related issue since the lcd no longer comes on; the few times it does come on, the machine crashes with squiggly lines across the display;

with no lcd the machine appears to boot up fine

booting with "C" pressed has no effect on the lcd : so one suspects that even having the install disks would be useless

just for fun i am going to try and reset the pram and the power manager....

i have also started praying to several dieties

i will prolly end up sending it to killy and request that he help me get it shipped off properly to apple


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