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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, March 31, 2003

bravo diana! wow...it was powerful...it really stirred a lot of emotions in me, i came away...agitated. seriously, though, that was really fun diana i loved it.

what a fantastic reminder: who needs the gulf war when we've got ghost recon right at our fingertips. speaking of the war, i would really love to go the movies. i think carol and i are ready for a movie, Liz, unfortunately, we are suffereing though a 'time-alone' deficiency. i think it's going to be sometime this week that we go and check out 'talk to her' at the same theater. if we don't go see that in the theater, i'm REALLY going to be in trouble.

also: so NO ONE knows the second meaing of 'coddle'? well, i guess i'll have to tell you; although, before i do i have to say i'm disappointed in todd for not rising to the challenge. not even mentioning it was really a blow to his credibility.

coddle: to boil (cook) an egg at below boiling temp.

isnt' that weird? i mean, who does that anyway? am i EVER going to walk into the kitchen and see a bunch of eggs sitting on the stove in lukewarm water and say to carol, "...are you coddling those eggs?!..." i guess the question is now, WHY would you coddle an egg? does anyone know when you would need to coddle an egg?


  • ...and no, I didn't see this post before I answered the previous one...

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