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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, March 07, 2003

well mr. serpa, funny you should ask, cause where that bag picture came from is actually a pretty funny story. i was reading something, somewhere and came across a link to the 'official' iraqi government. (i would link you to it, but i can't remember the address.) so anyway, i pull up the page and lo and behold, up comes a bunch of unrecognizable and unreadable text. the text changes color as you rollover it; all of it! and so i figure that everything is a link. so i just run the mouse over a particular batch of text and *click* -----> i am transported...

the next page that pops up is the dolce and gabanna fashion show.....weird...there are all sorts of photos of oddly dressed women walking up and down the catwalk....it was kinda odd, but i clicked through the photos (not wanting to be left behind in the fashion world) and came across the huge leather and buckles bag that reminded me so much of adolph's hideously ugly and cumbersome-looking shoulder bag. it's a good thing adolph is such a solidly built guy; there's no telling what kind of damage could be done to a smaller framed person toting around that much reading material in one ugly yellow bag.


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