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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, April 28, 2003

I'm a little bit not outta the woods yet. I can't even listen to Yoshimi on iTunes 4 without getting interrupted by phone calls....

Mark and I were discussing the various projects I'm working on for this week and in the future.

This Week:

  • E-Newsletter to Riders

  • Update BP MS 150 Home Page

  • Update MS Walk Splash Page

  • Update MS 150 Video Ad

  • Rider Survey

  • 2nd Fundraising Statement Data, Error Fundraising Statement

  • Add Fundraising Info to Team Tools

  • Get PPUAP Application ready for RRC by Thursday

  • RRC: Add turn off timer code

  • Make photo albums

  • Find missing rider numbers

Near Term:

  • RRC & B2B: Add Admin Tools access

  • Code Enewsletter builder application

  • RRC &B2B: Migrate E-Donate to common code

  • B2B: Improve communication of online tools

  • Migrate email notifications to whatcounts.com

  • Integrate PPUAP app with offline pledge entry system

  • Make new portfolios for projects


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