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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

it's always been 'i might'. my whole life is 'i might' now, taggart. actually, carol's mom may or may not be coming to the valley this weekend. if she is, then we have to go and pick her up and bring her to houston for a visit. she will be staying with maru (thankfully.) i don't think she's gonna show up (i'll find out today) but if she does, well, i can't go.

retirement party, eh? well, isn't my face red. that would have been terrible if i had shown up in a bday party hat!

adolph: your subtle hint at driving together to san marcos is so sweet! but i think i'll prolly drive up there alone. i want to stop in on holly and she what she's up to these days. supposedly, she'll be in town this weekend. if anything changes i'll let you know. i know how much you like taking long road trips with me.


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