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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

yes, a most desperately needed weekend off. so anyway, the weekend starts off pretty hectic with a bus ride home and a quick ironing job on a clean shirt. then, running off to missouri city for my sister's confirmation; a ceremony that lasted two hours! I wasn't expecting that. I think the starch came out of my shirt, i was sitting there so long.

After that (9 p.m.) we headed to the 'after ceremony' party at Corelli's, an italian restaurant in the burbs (although, i think there's one around here, i think.) Barbara, 15 yrs., had invited all her friends from school to her 'party' which ended up being about 12-15 high school freshmen. They sat at one big table laughing and having a good time for about two hours. They even got a free piece of cake by pretending it was Barbara's bday; i guess they don't check for id's (note to self: half-price cake night is now too expensive.)

Carol, the baby and i sat with my mom and a couple of other parents who had shuttled the kids out there at a booth a suitable distance away. Funny, we had a pretty shitty dining experience ourselves. Here is a list:

1. The appetizer took way too long to get there.
2. Salad orders were all mixed up. ("I ordered a caeser, not a house salad...")
3. When my mother ordered a water, she got a sprite
4. The food, which is normally pretty timely, just took way too long.
5. They forgot to put the shrimp in my mom's fetuccini.(sp?)

Seems pretty odd to me that i would have a shitty dining experience on friday night? anyone else have problems?

Saturday morning carol and i had breakfast at empire. It was a beautiful saturday; hot. We walked by a couple of garage sales on the way home. Carol bought the baby a toy.

I got on the road about 2: 30. I killed the time by talking to colin. We must have talked for a little over an hour of my ride; from Brenham to right outside Austin. I got to holly's right at 5. We immediately went for food and a margarita. Not wanting to fight Eyeore's b-day or the City-wide Garage sale, we stayed north and ate at Curra's. The margarita's were good - i got a buzz - but that's all i can say.

Taggart showed up at holly's and took us to the ranch house where carl's party was. Unfortunately, it was winding down. It did, however, reconvene at carl's pad. We drank beer and wandered around his house, landing, eventually, in front of his 'digital imaging center'. Truly amazing what one can do with unlimited funds. Really. A whole slew of really kick ass toys.

Aside from that: boring. A beautiful house full of cool toys and 'fucked-up' (in that voice>) frat boys: all there for his viewing pleasure. We took Holly home and i slept on tag's green couch.

I'm sure taggart loved his 7:30 wake up call. I'll let him describe it. Two cups of coffee later and a visit from todd, i was back on the road to houston at about 9:15. I had forgone breakfast. I was anxious to get back home. As innocuous as the weekend sounds, it was good for me; i got in a lot of thinking time - good thinking.

and so i got home at 11:30 and made these.


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